Wednesday, 18 April 2012

OVAM Weekend Workshop

Last weekend we held the OVAM Weekend Workshop for all of the e-Curators from partner vetschools in the project. Overall, eleven curators attended from Edinburgh, Liverpool, Nottingham, Cambridge, Bristol, RVC, Dublin, Murcia, Utrecht and Bern making it a truly international weekend. We were delighted to have students from so many places.

Everybody arrived in London on Friday evening and had a relaxed evening to get to know each other a bit. The aim of the workshop was to act as a type of forum for discussion as well as the presentation of some concepts and ideas which the curators will need to consider for in their work. On Saturday and Sunday we covered a vast range of aspects about the museum, including the background to the project and how it will fit into WikiVet, the practicalities of different design ideas and how resources will be selected, as well as people's own experience of anatomy at their respective schools. We also had a look at an example of Asset Bank which we think will be the most appropriate platform to act as the 'stack' for storage of all the digital resources which will make up the museum. Licensing issues cropped up again, ensuring that all material is correctly licensed and released with all the necessary information is going to be paramount to the success of the project. The curators helped us brainstorm possible designs and navigation routes for the museum interface, ideas such as having a 'Google' type search box, favorites pages for academics to highlight resources they feel are particularly useful and drop down menus acting as filters were all useful suggestions.

Overall we hope that the weekend was useful and enjoyable for all the students that attended and provided a good opportunity for them to meet with their peers and clarify what will be required of them in their work over the following months. We are very grateful to have such enthusiastic students, who have already contributed lots of great ideas to the project, helping to ensure that this collaboration will result in a very exciting resource indeed!

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